Do You Want To Know The Origins Of Roulette Games?

When you enter a casino, the first thing you expect to see is the asia casino pro roulette wheel, with the usual white ball moving between the different boxes waiting for it to stop to know the winning result. It is one of the most emblematic casinos, both physical or face-to-face and new online casinos, along with poker or Blackjack.

History Of Roulette Games

The origin of roulette games is centered in Europe, especially in France, since it was a mathematician from this country named Blaise Pascal, who invented this game in the seventeenth century, although since then, it has varied greatly compared to what we know today. However, some of the features of this initial roulette are still found in current games.

It should be noted that the name originates from the French word that defines small wheels, that is, ” roulette. ” Although many historians and researchers of table games and casinos have wanted to give it other origins coming from China or Arab countries, the most welcomed by all is the French origin, which we also accept.

It is said that roulette had a great acceptance in Europe; however, when the Blanc brothers, founders of the famous casino located in the city of Monte Carlo, installed one of this roulette in their business, they found that there were more and more people who wanted to play it and decided to bet on it. This caused its fame to grow like foam, and today, it is one of the most popular games in the world when it comes to casinos, on the same level even as poker.

How Many Types Of  Roulette Are There?

Next, we are going to help you discover all the types of roulettes that exist since although some of them are the most classic and are the ones that you can take advantage of to play in online casinos; conveniently, you know all the variations in case you want to one day play, knowing that the rules will vary from one to another.

French Roulette

French roulette in some places is also known as European roulette. It is important that you understand the placement of the game table and that if you have the opportunity to read the rules because some casinos have small differences. Still, they can make you win or lose, depending on the play you have made.

In this case, French roulette will have 37 numbers, which will vary from number 0 to 36, with number 0 being green. Here it could not be said that the odd numbers will be red and the even numbers are black, since there is a small variation and, therefore, you will have to take this detail into account. In French roulette, several dealers are required to distribute the bets on the table, since the mat or game table is distributed in such a way that it is quite complex to bet on a place that is far from where you are located, being able to be either standing in front of the table or taking a seat, depending on what you want.

One of the variations that French roulette has is that you can make simple bets found on the sides of the table, such as choosing the color or if it is even or odd, and if certain numbers are missing or exceeded. If the ball lands on 0, those bets will be retained for the next round to try your luck, although there is also the option to back out; however, half of the bet would go to the pocket while the rest would be lost.

American Roulette

As you can imagine, American roulette is one of the fastest spreading throughout this territory and through bookmakers and online casinos, so it is usually found on many platforms. We can find two different types of American roulettes, the main or usual one being a single 0, while in other roulette wheels, you will find a double zero or 00, in this case, having one more instead of 37 numbers.

In this mode, the mat or table is easier to play with, since the number bets are placed on one side. In contrast, on the other side, the simple lottery will be made, so, If you are interested in this aspect, you can always place yourself on this area and bet on yourself, having to notify the dealer of your movements at all times so that nothing is hidden or debatable.

If in French roulette, when the ball fell to 0, the simple bets were retained to give it a second chance, in this game, only half of the bets are recovered directly, so it can become somewhat riskier. Much worse would be the American roulette case with double zero, in which if all the simple bets fall in this box, they will be lost directly. At the same time, the rest will be kept for the next play, so here we find the choice of getting money more or less easy by choosing one or the other, being able to think that you are going to win or lose the money at 50%, however, you can lose everything.